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Over 30 years ago, Communities For People (CFP) led the way in the movement calling for small, community-based residential programs for troubled youth. Today, CFP remains a leader in this community-based approach. CFP helps disadvantaged and at-risk adolescents living in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island areas to make the difficult transition to adulthood. We offer a spectrum of residential programs, from our Emergency Shelter Program (where youth may remain for up to 90 days) to our Stepping Out Program (which enables youth live independently within the community while meeting regularly with CFP outreach workers). CFP's foster care and adoption services specialize in placing sibling groups and youth with ongoing behavioral, emotional, and/or medical needs in safe, stable, and loving homes.

CFP also provides home-based and outpatient services that include both traditional and nontraditional therapies. We engage all of our clients in community support programs to ensure each youth's continuing stability and growth. Our goal is to provide youth with the services and support they need to thrive individually, within their families, and as part of their communities.

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