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About Communities For People

What We Do:
Communities For People, Inc. (CFP) is a nonprofit organization that provides troubled adolescents in the Providence, Rhode Island and Boston, Massachusetts areas with support services, permanent homes, and safe transitional living situations. We strive to empower these youth, to give them a sense of pride in themselves and an understanding of their importance to their families and communities. Our main goals include keeping at-risk youth within their communities, working with families to keep them together, and reunifying families whenever possible.

What We Believe:
CFP believes that the individual, family, and community depend on one another for their vitality. We believe that each individual, family, and community has its own strengths, and we strive to create programs that utilize those strengths. The success of service provision depends on empowering youth and their families so that they can advocate for themselves. At Communities For People, empowering youth and their families starts with engaging them as decision makers. CFP encourages youth and their families to take responsibility for their own lives and to develop faith in themselves.

A Little History:
Joseph M. Leavey, President of Communities For People, Inc. founded the company in 1977. Mr. Leavey has held a number of distinguished positions in the field of child and youth welfare services in Massachusetts, including Director of the Placement Division of Child Guardianship, Commissioner of the Department of Youth Services, President of the Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Chairman of the Children’s League, Chairman of the Special Commission on Foster Care, and President of the State Advisory Board for the Department of Social Services (now the Department of Children and Families).

Under Mr. Leavey’s leadership, CFP merged with Integrated Foster Care, and later, with Special Adoption Family Services. These mergers allowed CFP to provide a continuum of services to youth in all phases of treatment. Mr. Leavey also expanded the organization's services to include care management. In Massachusetts, CFP has coordinated the services of the Department of Social Services (now the Department of Children and Families) regional provider networks under its Commonworks System, The Family Reunification Network, and The Family Based Services Network.

In Rhode Island, Mr. Leavey collaborated with The Providence Center to create Placement Solutions, an organization that reviews and manages the services of all youth in out-of-home placement for the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth, and Families. CFP also partners with three other agencies in Rhode Island in running a provider network that services 160 youth and families.

CFP serves as the fiscal umbrella for The Union of Minority Neighborhoods, and has made its fiscal and technological skill available to the many grass-roots agencies in the Roxbury area that the Union supports. CFP works to increase minority representation in the family-based and residential sectors of the child welfare field.

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Managed Information Systems (MIS):
Communities For People is a leader among the region's child welfare agencies in developing and applying technology to evaluate the quality of programs and services. CFP’s commitment to research and development of program and treatment data systems is integral to its mission. Our research and development efforts ensure that services provided for clients are always improving.

Client Information System (CIS):
CFP first developed its relational database in 1993 and has continued working to expand the range of its capabilities. CFP's Client Information System (CIS) maintains data concerning client demographics, services provided to clients by network agencies, program outcome information, and client discharge status. It also tracks initial treatment plan information and updated plans established at treatment conferences and reviews. The CIS makes an extensive range of reports available.

Statewide Managed Information System for Utilization Review:
CFP has modified a version of the CIS for use by Placement Solutions, a collaboration between Communities For People, Inc. and the Providence Center. Placement Solutions maintains utilization management data (information regarding appropriate out-of-home placement) for all children and youth who live in residential and community-based settings funded by the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth, and Families. This modified version of the CIS allows Placement Solutions to gather information and create complex reports tailored to the organization's specific needs.

For more information about the IT department, please contact David Lescohier, IT Director at (617) 267-1031